Mara On The Issues

Tax Reform

While our country slowly recovers from the economic recession, I believe it is imperative that Arizona lead the way on tax reduction and tax reform. We should be setting tax policies that attract new businesses to our great state. Lowering the tax rates across the board for individuals and businesses, both large and small, is a great first step. As a state legislator I will be a strong advocate for providing tax relief for our citizens.

Our state government must live within its means. So many families and businesses have had to make tough decisions. It only makes sense that the government does as well.

Creating Jobs & Growing the Economy

We have all heard politicians, from both parties, promise that they will “create jobs” if elected. That is nonsense. You and I both know that government does not create jobs, only the private sector of the economy does. I commit to you that, if elected, I will fight every day to get government out-of-the-way of job creation. I’m proud of our state for being among the fastest growing economies in the country. But, we can and must do more. Lowering taxes and reducing burdensome regulations will help us continue to grow. I will sponsor and support legislation that creates a more business-friendly environment that fosters more economic growth and better, higher-paying jobs.

Fiscal Conservative

Hardworking taxpayers deserve and demand a government that protects their tax dollars and ensures that they are spent wisely and efficiently, always. Like you, I believe that money is better used when it is in private hands for individuals to save, spend and invest as they see fit. As a state legislator, I will always put the taxpayer first and be a watchdog on government spending.

Stop Illegal Immigration

Arizona is on the front lines on the battle over illegal immigration. While the politicians in Washington debate solutions to this problem, I firmly believe in securing our border before offering any kind of path to citizenship. Only with a secure border and a reliable system in place to know who is here legally and illegally will we ever be able to maintain the integrity of our immigration system. I will always be a strong advocate for strengthening our state’s immigration laws and will work with our congressional delegation and others to ensure our voice is heard and our concerns are part of the solution.

Quality Education

I believe in the public school system, but there are many areas we need to improve. I’m a firm believer in school choice which allows parents to send their kids to the best schools available. I believe we should hold our students to the highest standards and I’m confident that we can do that without the federal government interfering through Common Core mandates. I support education and rewarding quality teachers for their hard work. The next step to improving our schools is creating a performance pay system for public school teachers that reward them for improving the academic achievement of their students.